Kenyan Lady in Germany jailed for Abandoning Her New Born Baby

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Grace M.
Grace M. during her trial

A Kenyan lady, found herself on the wrong side of the law, leading to her arrest and eventually to imprisonment.

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The lady identified as Grace M. was found guilty of abandoning her new born baby and sentenced to 18months imprisonment. Grace had given birth at home on her own without assistance but didn’t want to keep the baby. Left with no choice, she wrapped the baby in a flimsy sweater and left the baby on the front steps of the church at the St. Nikolai-Church in Schillig in Niedersachsen.

It took time, before the baby was discovered. The baby named Johannes at the time had suffered mild hypothermia due to the low winter temperatures but quickly recovered while undergoing treatment at the Reinhard-Nieter-hospital in Wilhelmshaven. The child has since been handed over to a foster family and lives under a different name.

According to the police, Grace actually came from Hessen where she was an au pair. It is believed she came to Germany while pregnant and did not inform anyone about it. During her holiday in the north of Germany with her host family, Grace gave birth and deserted the child.

Three months after abandoning the child, she was abducted at the Frankfurt train station and taken to a home where she was raped. She reported the matter to the police before travelling to Kenya on holiday.

During her holiday in Kenya, the police were busy investigating the rape incident when they found that her DNA matched that of the child that had been found in Niedersachsen a year earlier. On her arrival from Kenya, she found the police waiting for her.  A whole year after the incident she pleaded guilty to the charges and confessed what had happened.

At the time of her sentencing Grace lived in Köln.

At the time of writing this, Grace has already served her sentence and the son grown to be a very handsome boy who’ll be turning 6 later this year ;) The event mentioned above took place between 8th August 2007 and 17th June

Kenyan lady abandons her child

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