From blasts to lethal brew, what can diaspora do?‏

We’re all watching disasters unfold at home and perhaps feel a little helpless. From mass consumption of lethal alcohol to increasing acts of terror that are killing people going about their daily lives, we are left weaker as a nation bit by bit. I ask myself, what have I done to help? Nothing. I’m not sure how. So what can we collectively do as diaspora? I’ll throw some uncooked ideas out there and hope they’ll inspire some action:
  1. Technology: Set up an online zero-bureaucracy wananchi relief fund that can act quickly and efficiently. $5 sent from a cellphone by a thousand diaspora Kenyans every now and then can go a long way into relief, replacing and rebuilding.
  2. Mentorship: We have youth as our largest population, many of them unemployed or underemployed. I’m sure our organizations can form mentorship programs to help them through difficult decisions. Sometimes all it takes is a caring and wiser voice at the other end of the line.
  3. Representative voice: We have enough diaspora leadership that can regularly speak to unfolding issues, demand greater vigilance, accountability, and support measures that are working. We used to have this; let’s use our authoritative voice again. It makes a difference.

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I know that the underlying causes of unfolding disasters are big and require exceptional leadership to resolve, both political and community. I also know there’s a lot of good happening in Kenya. Let’s meanwhile figure out how we can stand in the gaps that exist.
by Mkawasi Mcharo Hall

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