Burial ceremony turned tragic as Mourner killed in Siaya


A burial ceremony turned tragic at Ratiya village, Bondo sub-county when a 62-year-old man was stoned to death, after he allegedly attacked and assaulted a fellow mourner over a stolen bull.

Mourners descended on Joseph Mbusi and lynched him after he allegedly attacked Adinda Oyath who was giving testimony of the deceased Caleb Wasonga at Bar-Kowino sub-location.

Witnesses said Adinda, who was the funeral committee chairman had just started explaining some of the expenses they incurred, he narrated how a bull donated by Siaya County government to the bereaved family was slaughtered by a neighbour, Mbusi emerged from the crowd armed with the stone, shouting he stole the bull, and that he is responsible for the deceased’s demise before hitting Adinda with the stone.

The burial came to a standstill before the man left. He later returned armed with four spears, prompting mourners to attack him. Deputy County Commissioner Samson Akach said irate members of the public pounced on Mbusi as others pelted him with stones to death.

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