Drama as Mike Sonko supporters try to force entry at the County Assembly

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Nairobi, Kenya: Anti-riot police were Tuesday deployed outside City Hall after Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko stormed the County Assembly with a group of supporters shouting anti-corruption slogans.

Sonko’s supporters tried to force their way into the County Assembly where he wanted to address the members, causing a standoff.

Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero’s supporters also arrived there and started to sing his praises.

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Sonko managed to get into the County Assembly as Kidero addressed the MCAs affecting proceedings briefly.

Sonko accuses Kidero administration of corruption and has been demanding action to address the alleged mess but the governor denies the claims. Kidero has been accusing Sonko of witch-hunt.

The police lorry parked outside City Hall as the groups chanted opposing slogans for almost two hours amid tension of possible clash.

In the meantime, the Assembly went on with its business. Nairobi is one of the biggest Assemblies in the 47 counties in the country.


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