Photos:Top 10 Most Beautiful Kenyan Actresses 2015


Lets’ face it, the Kenyan entertainment industry has grown all round since the inception of media rights and multiplication of filming houses.

There is nothing that gives a country a face like its movie industry. Very soon we will have our very own fully established Kenyan hollywood though we already have sprouting platforms such as riverwood dubbed ‘The Heart Of Film’.

Here is a list of top Kenyan actresses in no hierarchy whatsoever.

1) Sarah Hassan

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Sarah Hassan is a break out female celebrity of the much hyped, Tahidi High where she played as Tanya. She has also acted in Kenyan television series such as,Saints, Demigods, and M-Net’s ‘Changes’ . Sarah holds a Bachelor of science in Actuarial Science from the Jomo Kenyatta University.


2) Brenda Wairimu

This light skinned Kenyan sensation is a star act in the highly rated MTV blockbuster, Shuga. Her first appearance on TV was on Changing Times where she was introduced to the Kenyan audience. Her role in TV series Mali has made her a household name in Kenyan, with everyone anxiously longing to see her every week.


3) Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita Nyong’o is a Kenya actress, model and producer. A household
name in Kenya, she has an unsullied beauty and incredible talent.


4) DJ Pierra Makena

How cool is being a DJ and also a fascinating actress? That’s what
characterizes DJ Pierra. She has a pleasing pitch and she is original to the core. From brains to looks, she isn’t lacking. She is a star act in the M-Net Series.


5) Patricia Kihoro

She is one of the brilliant talents we have on screen, showcasing
exceptional professionalism in the Kenyan movie industry. She blends
rather effortlessly in movies and shows making her fans yearn to see
more and more of her featured movies. This short but unquestionably
beautiful Kenyan actress is a promising asset in the Kenyan movie


6) Maryam Ada

Maryam is a screen goddess and a pleasure to the eyes. She has featured in several Kenyan movies including the Mastery of The Golden Rings,
The Text Message, Its That Serious among others.


7) Nice Githinji

The ideal African woman is reflected in this amazing Kenyan actress.
She is packing a full house when it comes to beauty and sexiness.


8) Lizz Njagah

For a 33 year old woman, this sexy Kenyan actress keeps getting
beautiful by the day. Engaged to the popular Alexander konstantaras,
the Director Jitu Films, she is an unstoppable figure in the Kenyan
Movie industry.


9) Grace Mwelu

This Kenya beauty featured in The Text Message has got the looks to
make all men crave for her. Her imperfection in acting is
complimented with her delectable countenance.


10) Mumbi Maina

This impressive actress has a way of standing out and getting admiration on her own. Her derriere has always been a table talk, regionally and abroad. She is known to have featured in the movie Unseen, Unsung, Unforgotten (2008).


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