VIDEO: House-help Caught Mercilessly Abusing Little Boy

A CCTV footage showing a house help abusing a toddler at a house in Ngong, Kajiado County has caused the worker her job.

In the video aired, the boy identified as Leon Theuri, falls from a couch and bangs his head on the concrete floor, then cries from excruciating pain.

The house help comes from the kitchen, picks up Leon and instead of soothing him, she beats him up amidst scolding.

The nanny further fails feeding the baby as she eats the child’s food and spends most of the time watching television.

According to the boy’s mother, Mary Wanjiru, before resolving to install the surveillance camera in the house, they had suspected something wrong was happening to their child since Leon could cry almost all night.

Upon realising that the child was being mishandled, she agreed with her husband to peacefully send the house help away.

“We paid her all the money we owed her and did not take any action against her. We didn’t even report to the police…but now I want to save another kid” Mrs Wanjiru was quoted by QTV.

Leon’s mother, who spends the entire day at work, says her aunt brought them the house help from Nyeri.

The couple has since forgiven and fired the nanny but cautions other parents to be observant whenever they hire house helps.


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