Uganda Now Orders ISPs to Block 30 Pornography Websites


Ugandan authorities are determined to tighten control over the websites being accessed by the citizens in the East African nation.

Uganda’s telecommunications regulator, Uganda Communication Commission (UCC), has demanded that all ISPs and telcos block local and international porn sites.

According to UCC boss Godfrey Mutabazi, the commission has apparently identified some 30 popular porn sites which they want the providers to block. Among the identified sites, 17 are Ugandan while 10 are international.

The porn list was apparently forwarded to UCC by the Pornography Control Committee which was established by the Uganda’s Ethics Minister in Simon Lokodo. The mandate of the committee is to fight pornography.

The committee’s job is also to enforce Uganda’s Anti-pornography act of 2014.

Previously, the country’s authorities revealed that they were importing some pornography detecting machine which later didn’t arrive as promised.

The new move to control content accessed by Ugandans is the latest after the recent move to introduce social media tax. The tax has resulted in drop of users of social media in Uganda.

Source kahawatungu

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