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I’ve been going through some visualization exercises lately, and assessing what I’m doing with my time.

I started a new raw food website, , a few months back, though I’ve been a bit too busy to add to it too frequently. I looked at the stats today, though, and my hits are rising every month despite my relative neglect.

One of the things that my exercises have pointed out is that I really want to make this site a success, for me and for others. People should have access to clear, concise, raw food information on the web, and I intend to do my best to deliver it to them so that more people can cure themselves of their diseases and find true health and happiness.

I can be an agent of positive change.

Now it’s just a matter finding the time and having at it. But first, I need the internet.

I took a four hour bike ride Sunday in the rain. It was delightful. I was soaked, but I was having a great time. My legs got a bit tired towards the end, but nothing too bad.

I think I’d like to get a bit more ambitious with my riding. I’ve been wondering about the feasibility of a ride to Boston. I’m thinking that I could probably do it in a day if I started early and planned to arrive by evening. It’s a good excuse to visit my brother, anyway.

I’m going to have to ask some advice from some raw foodist riders that I’ve met online, and then get into a bit better shape.

Have a good day!



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