Refugee and Immigrant Degrees for Graduate Education



Degrees for Graduate Education (BRIDGE)

What is BRIDGE?
The BRIDGE Program increases access for refugees
and immigrants to graduate social work education and
highly skilled positions in the health and human
services sector. A primary goal is to increase the
number of social workers serving culturally and
linguistically diverse newcomer populations.
While immigrants and refugees make numerous
contributions to the larger society, they often face
significant challenges ranging from language and
educational barriers to trauma and multiple forms of
discrimination. A wide range of human service agencies
have attempted to address these issues, but their
effectiveness frequently has been limited by the
absence of professional social work staff who are
members of immigrant groups being served.
Since the early 1990’s, the Boston University School
of Social Work has addressed this need through its
Refugee and Immigrant Training Program (RITP), and
BRIDGE continues this commitment to the recruitment
and preparation of newcomers for graduate social work
The programmatic components and supports will
provide transitional bridges from ethnic communities to
academic communities at the graduate level and to the
workforce where these new social workers will be
valued as highly skilled experts serving the needs of newcomer communities.
How Does BRIDGE Work?
             The program is structured in four phases:
·         Pre-admission / Orientation: A free, ten-session pre-admission course is scheduled from December through mid-February. This course will introduce participants to the culture and expectations of graduate social work education as well as provide assistance and support for anyone who chooses to apply for admission to an MSW program.
·         Pre-matriculation / Preparation: A preparation course will be offered to ease the transition into graduate social work education for those individuals who have been accepted into the BUSSW MSW program. There will be additional activities such as social events and mini workshops on topics including, but not limited to, time management, financial literacy, and writing graduate level papers.
Master of Social Work (MSW) Program: While there is no financial assistance available in the BRIDGE program at the present time, the Boston University School of Social Work
·         Building Refugee and Immigrant ultimate goal is to secure ongoing financial support for all BRIDGE participants who enroll as BUSSW students. Those enrolled will continue to receive support and mentoring from the BRIDGE coordinator and BUSSW faculty, and will be linked to ALANA (African American /Black, Latino/a, Asian American/Pacific Islander, Native American) and other student groups.
·         Post Graduation / Career Development: The goal is to assist graduating students with career planning and the employment search process, maintain a social and support network for newcomer alumni, and recruit former BRIDGE participants to provide voluntary assistance with future students in the program.
Who Should Apply?
You are encouraged to apply to the BRIDGE Program if:
·         you are interested in exploring higher education and careers in social work/human services and
·         you were born in another country and received your bachelor’s degree inside or outside the United States (4 years of college/university after high school)
You must hold one of the following statuses to be eligible:
·         U. S. Citizen
·         Permanent Resident (Green Card)
·         Refugee Status (I -94)
·         Asylee Status (I -94)
Individuals who are not eligible for BRIDGE include the following statuses:
·         International Students
·         Temporary Protected Status
·         Seeking Asylum
BRIDGE Informational Meeting
A meeting will be held at Boston University School of Social Work to explain more about the BRIDGE Program and how to apply for admission. 
When: Tuesday, October 11, 2011  5:30 – 7:30 p.m.
Where: Conant Lounge (2nd floor)
Boston University School of Social Work
 264 Bay State Road
Boston, MA 02215
For more information or to RSVP, please contact:
Lee Staples                  Mojdeh Rohani
BRIDGE Director          BRIDGE Coordinator
617-353-7917                       617-358-5463
About Boston University School of Social Work
The Boston University School of Social Work (BUSSW) is an urban-focused graduate program that prepares and develops highly trained, flexible practitioners to respond to contemporary problems in a complex, multicultural society. BUSSW is committed to education which furthers social and economic justice, especially the empowerment of all oppressed groups. Our faculty members are in the forefront of practice, research, and training with diverse populations in the areas of:   


·         Children and adolescents
·         Care-giving and support networks
·         Substance abuse
·         Mental health
·         Health and public health
·         Trauma
·         Aging and disability
BUSSW offers concentrations in Clinical Social Work Practice (with individuals, families, and groups) and Macro Social Work Practice (community organizing, human services management, and social planning).                     Our distinguishing characteristics include:
·         Nationally recognized faculty
·         Personalized instruction
·         Full-time program and part-time program in Boston
·         Part-time weekend programs in Northeastern Massachusetts (Tyngsboro) and Southeastern Massachusetts (Fall River and Cape Cod)
·         Career services office
·         Advanced standing program
·         Dual-degree programs in public health, education, and theology
·         Certificate programs in family therapy, trauma, human services management, and clinical social work and behavioral medicine
·         An interdisciplinary Ph.D. program in social work and sociology
·         Continuing professional education programs

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