Dubai Man jailed for causing Kenyan woman’s death

Dubai Man jailed for causing Kenyan woman's death
Dubai Man jailed for causing Kenyan woman’s death

DUBAI: A man who kicked a Kenyan woman in a manner that caused her death has been sentenced to three years in jail on Monday.

The convict, AA, 23, a jobless Emirati, will spend an additional year in jail for groping the deceased’s friend, AW, 28, a Kenyan hostess.

According to records, he unintentionally caused the death of Esther Mwikamba on Feb.19, the Dubai Criminal Court learnt.

On Feb.18, AA punched Esther’s face and she fell, hitting her head on the ground. He kicked her several times on the head, said prosecutors.

On May 28 AA affirmed saying, “Yes, I assaulted her but without intending to kill her,” he told Judge Hamad Abdul Latif.

Esther was rushed to Rashid Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit in an unconscious state, bleeding from the ears, nose and mouth. She lay in a coma till her death.

An Egyptian forensic doctor revealed that “Esther’s death resulted from a fracture in the skull after hitting her head on the ground.

“She succumbed to brain hemorrhage, insufficient blood flow to the brain and the ultimate death of her brainstem. She medically died on Feb.19 and was removed from life support equipment on Mar. 20.”

The assault

AW had testified that at around 3:30am while leaving a Dubai hotel, she was with Esther and SW, 29, a Kenyan visitor when AA followed them to the rear parking lot.

“I was astonished when he touched me from behind.  He then stood in front of me and touched my chest.

“I demanded of him the reason why he did that, and he claimed that we were of the same colour and that he had done something normal,” narrated AW.

AW added that AA’s male accomplice begged to excuse him, revealing that AA was under the influence of alcohol.

AW reportedly headed towards her car to talk on the phone, leaving AA and his accomplice behind at the parking lot. “Shortly after, I turned to realise that Esther was lying motionless and AA was vehemently kicking her head.

“I shouted for help and AA turned towards me. Passersby intervened and in a state of anger AA started fighting them,” AW added that AA appeared to be under the influence of alcohol.

By the time the police arrived AA had fled in an FJ Cruiser vehicle. However, AW had noted its licence number.

Besides, SW testified that, in self-defence, AW had hurled her shoe at AA but it missed him. He punched her on the left cheek.

At this moment, Esther intervened, shouted for help and reportedly hit him with her bag. In turn, AA attacked her.

SW added: “He also punched me on the mouth. However I waived my complaint at Bur Dubai police.

“He had kicked Esther four times on the head. I don’t think he intended to kill her. He appeared to be disappointed, quickly assaulted her and fled.”

Both AW and SW stressed that none of AA’s male accomplices was involved in the criminal acts. “They tried to stop him from attacking us,” they said.



Dubai Man jailed for causing Kenyan woman’s death


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