NTV’s Richard Chacha leaves for treatment in India


NTV’s Richard Chacha has been living in a nightmare after he was involved in an accident that left his lower body paralysed.


The senior political reporter has since been recuperating at the Nairobi Hospital. He was visited by a presidential aspirant, Pro. Wajackoyah who spoke passionately about his faith in the Lord and encouraged Chacha to take the accident as part of God’s plan.


Wajackoyah who represents Kenyans in the diaspora narrated of how he had escaped death severally when a python tried to kill him and when he was hit by lightening.

Special adviser to Rt. Hon. Raila, Ms. Beatrice Ngambo Odinga joined hands with them and conveyed a special message from Raila Odinga to him.


Chacha will be receiving treatment in Maharashtra State. Chacha’s situation was not improving thus a fundraising was held to finance for his trip abroad.


Chacha met his tragic fate at Rift Valley’s Mai Mahiu town in the company of Emmanuel Taalam, Linus Kaikai, NMG’s Ephantus Mwangi and Frida Kirema.


They were all headed to NTV’s Managing Editor – Linus Kaikai’s hometown for a fundraiser in Kilgoris County. Apparently, the vehicle they were all travelling in had a tyre-burst thus rolled severally on the ground.


The impact of the accident left Richard unconscious. He sustained grave head injuries and his legs were seriously wounded. Immediately, Chacha, China Central TV (CCTV)’s Editor Emmanuel Talam and Linus Kaikai were airlifted to Nairobi.


Frida and Ephantus were taken by road as their injuries were not as severe. The Prime Minister paid Chacha a visit at the Nairobi hospital depicting their close relationship.


Linus was among the first to be discharged from hospital.


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