Motivational Message: We must be seekers of God

Motivational Message: We must be seekers of God

The LORD looks down from heaven on the sons of men to see if there are any who understand, any who seek God. (Psalm 14:2)
I just returned from a long trip and I love my travels in the air, because for some reason the Lord has always had my absolute attention every time I am in one of these long haul flights.

On this particular one from San Francisco International Airport to Singapore, the Spirit of the Lord started speaking to me about the challenging times we are living in. These are times when many who have been believers for long years and have had an intimate walk with the Lord, are being tested in their faith in God.

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Their faith in the in the only one God is being challenged with things that are not so obvious in their eyes. Many are asking if they have believed a lie this far, that is, whether they have been deceived into believing in the faith. The spirit of unbelief and falsehood is working overtime to cause God’s children to begin doubting Him; the devil has the boldness to want to deceive even the elect.

But God is also at work ministering to the elect and encouraging them not to believe the lie of the devil. The devil wants to deceive those that know the truth, so they may fall away from the faith. We are at the verge of great manifestations of the works of the Lord through the hands of those who believe in Him. The devil knows that there is nothing impossible to them that believe and wants to disrupt this but he is defeated and will always be. The joy of being a Christian is that the battle is already won. Hallelujah!

There is going to be an increased manifestation of the glory and power of God in the days ahead. God is opening our eyes to see his ways in our lives like never before. In an indubitable manner, true revelation knowledge is being given to individuals who are seekers of God in this hour. To them  God is revealing His methods of administration; the principles on which He governs mankind, and the conditions on which He must use both to make Himself known  in this generation and deliver His  people.

With the increased glory of God will come a great awakening of a deeper understanding of who God is. We will know that God has more power than we thought He had. With this will come a great knowledge of Him which will cause a great awareness of His glory and power than any generation in the history of the church.

So if we are at the verge of a great experience of the manifestation of God’s power in a deeper way, there are valid questions we need to ask ourselves. The first question then should be to whom will God reveal himself to?  The answer to this is “to those who are seeking”. So what should we do then, or what is your part and mine here? The Spirit of God was very clear to me in saying it is time for the sons of God to seek the Father.

We all must become true seekers. A true seeker is one that is convinced of what they are looking for; they cannot stop at any imitation of the true identity of that which they seek after. They have a hunger that cannot be quenched or disrupted by the signs of the times, but by that which they hear the Father speak to them.

Seeking God will come from a life that is not satisfied with the ordinary things. It comes from a life that has studied the church history, lived a life that has produced meritocracy, and is ready to reject it. It comes from a life that has been frustrated by what is missing in the body of Christ, but should be present and wants to see the extraordinary things in the kingdom of God. God’s truth has always been made manifest to those who stopped their world to seek him. Seekers know how to reject/ignore the spirit of the world and man and allowing the Spirit of the Lord to lead them to the quiet waters.

In seeking, one finds rest from the many troubled waters. It is the place of solace where the soul of man that is seeking God finds answers to their troubled world. In the seeking we develop a resistance to any lies of the enemy, because in this place of seeking there is faith that says to itself, “There is more in God than I have been told or experienced”.

In this place there is faith that can move all mountains, there is healing that can heal all sickness, and there is power to restore all that has been destroyed, even that which has died and been buried in the grounds for many days or even years. It is in the seeking we develop an ear that can only hear a frequency from heaven and rejects all other frequencies that are indeed foreign. If we become seekers of God, we will become like Him and our minds will dwell on Him. As we seek more of Him we will be holy like Him.

Holiness is not what we say, it is what we become by doing what we see the Father doing. In seeking we get to know what heaven is like and as we see heaven, we desire heaven on earth. Unless we seek God to a point where we become frequent visitors in heaven, we cannot genuinely pray the part of the Lord’s Prayer that says “Let your will be done on earth as it is done in heaven”. It is the father’s will to give us the kingdom, but we must become seekers.

So who is a seeker of the one true God?  It is those who pound on the word of God and tarry in prayer. They are those whose longing is intensified by their relationship with the Lord and the manifestation or bits of revelations they see in the process of seeking him. They are in constant labor in studying the word of God. They do not stop at another’s man’s understanding of the word because they know it is hard to build on another man’s foundation of understanding.Instead, they lay their own foundation and build their understanding on it.

They daily desire the Lord to introduce himself to them. They have a will driven by the desire to see the glory of God revealed on earth. They desire the strength of the Lord and they get it because weakness cannot exist where there is a will and desire for strength, nor will foolishness or stupidity linger or exist where there is a will for knowledge and wisdom.

Wavering or wondering cannot exist where there is a will and a desire to concentrate. Seekers are daily saying, “more of you Lord and less of me”. Seekers are few, they are unique, they get misunderstood, and they have been given undesirable names by the world. However, they have a place in the kingdom, they are a gift in the church even though they get misunderstood by the very institution that should understand and encourage them.

Friend, has the Spirit of God been calling you to a deeper place with him? Has He been waking you up in odd hours to seek his face? Has He been leading you to deeper intercession and a deeper passion for him and the things of God, or even a deeper passion for the lost? Has He opened your eyes to the missing ingredient in the body of Christ today and has asked you to just seek Him for the answer?If you answered yes to any of the above, then the Lord has enlisted you to start seeking Him.

Begin to silence yourself a few minutes a day, setting aside a constant place where you and him can meet and talk. Be open to his leading and obey His prompting because if He is not obeyed in time, He will pass you and ask another person to do what you have ignored to do for him. Be quick in responding to Him, ask for His confirmation; He will not be mad at you for asking. Read your word in this place of silence, worship him, and allow him to show up.
By Evangelist Isabella Mwango



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