The church must choose carefully how we Ought to respond to Covid-19


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The church must choose carefully how we Ought to respond to Covid-19
The church must choose carefully how we Ought to respond to Covid-19

God is powerful, mighty, and all-knowing, and so he saw the epidemic coming. He has the power to have stopped it even before any human being got infected, but he did not. He did not create the Coronavirus but allowed it.

God does everything through the eyes of eternity. Our current response as children of God should be to ask our heavenly father what His purpose for allowing COVID-19 is and what must we do in the middle of this ravaging and overwhelming global situation. In our earnest quest for answers and divine intervention, God will reveal to us His Will and course of action.

Many scriptures that could offer some explanation of the time in which we live come to memory but how we respond to this terrifying moment in history will bring healing in God’s appointed time soon. Don’t be quick to bind and cast this Coronavirus in Jesus’ Name but seek to understand first His Will and purpose.

How the church chooses to respond towards the Coronavirus is key to our healing. Prayer is an excellent place to start and it is crucial, but how we pray is essential. This season’s prayers must come from the heart where we allow the Holly Spirit to teach, instruct and comfort us. Our intention to pray must be driven by our passion for God.

How likely is it that as the church we have created our own gods just like the children of Israel did in Exodus 32? Have we created and worshipped the god of material things, the god of the temporal, the god of the now and never the God of eternity?

Could it be that God in his loving-kindness and with eternity in mind is shutting down the idols we have created and wants us to turn to Him as our God?

I believe the church’s response should start with seeking the face of God as he instructs us in 2 Chronicles 7:14. This should be done with an open and repentant heart; a heart of humility and a desire to return to God passionately.

God already knows that we can quote all the healing verses back to Him, but His promises are conditional and based on our relationship with Him.  He also knows that we can quote the bible back to him about our righteousness in Him through Faith, but the conditions of our hearts, and how do we live our daily lives matters most.

As you look at the churches in our communities, would you find a distinction from the world systems in all areas? (In Faith, morality, money, and love) Could it be that we have compromised His word and lived a lie instead?

Could it be that we have been busy building our temporal kingdoms here on earth and forgetting about His Kingdom? Knowing that God’s purposes towards us are pure and loving, He is calling you who have come into His kingdom at such time as this.

As a chosen generation, you understand the power of timings, times, and seasons in the kingdom of God.  Arise and be the Esther and the sons of Issachar’s of this hour in the body of Christ.

If you are a believer and you have a relationship with God, and you love Him with a passion, then you know that Faith begins where the will of God is known.

If you know the Will of God over your life today regarding your health and healing, financial circumstances, your loved ones’ lives and you also believe that you have been called according to his purpose, then God says this to you in the book of Romans 8:28 “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

Also Psalm 91 is for believers who have covenant  relationship with God. So trust in him in this epidemic stand firm in his word. Spend time in prayer and meditating on his name.

Create time to connect with family and other believers to encourage each other. Don’t’ fall into the trap of complaining and murmuring about leadership with your connections.

The enemy wants us to be angry towards God and leadership. But the bible says we should pray for them. Create time for thinking on how you can align yourself with God and his purposes in your life or how you can bring order into your life.

Think about creative ways of how you can share the word of God and how you can help others without endangering them and yourself. Be calm to determine clear boundaries in your actions, communications, and how much time you spend watching negative news daily. It is okay to check updates from reliable sources such as the CDC and reputable news channels to stay informed but take more time to seek the face of God as you practice safe habits while indoors.

By Pastor Isabella  Mwango

The church must choose carefully how we Ought to respond to Covid-19 

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