Will the International Anti-Corruption Conference in Brazil make a difference in Kenya?


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A Kenyan activist Mr. Newton Kinity is one of the many invited guests from all over the world to the 15th International Anti-Corruption Conference due to start on Wednesday 7th November 2012 in Brazil.

The conference brings together authorities and experts from governments, the private sector, various international organizations, academia and the civil society. The event focuses on providing participants with a high level forum to bring forward new ways to encourage greater transparency, accountability, and preventing and fighting against all forms of corruption.

Newton intends to use the opportunity to urge the International Human Rights Fraternity to pressure the donor Nations, in which looted public funds from the developing Nations are hidden, to freeze all the bank accounts and return all money which belongs to the corrupt leaders to the respective Nations from which the money was stolen. Similarly, all the properties that have been bought with the looted public funds should be frozen and the proceeds from their sale returned to the affected Nations.

At the same time the sitting presidents and other leaders from the developing Nations should not be allowed to run businesses since such businesses may be used as avenues to hide looted public funds. The donor Nations should not only join the poor and the suffering citizens from the developing Nations who are always the recipients of economic problems as a result of corruption, but should also do everything possible to deal with the corrupt leaders by rendering it difficult to hide money abroad.

By Isaac Kariuki/Diaspora Messenger





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