Revealed: What Raila Odinga promised Franklin Bett

Tuesday January 1, 2013 – Early last month, Road Minister Franklin Bett made a major announcement saying he had entered into political “hibernation” until 2017 general election.

It was a fact that he had initially faced a tough rebellion in his Kericho backyard due to his steadfast support for Prime Minister Raila Odinga‘s Presidential bid; reason for him quitting active politics.
Kericho County is now a URP zone and selling ODM policies is like selling pork meat in a mosque.
According to our mole who is privy to ODM matters, Bett who is also the Bureti MP consulted the PM before quitting active politics.
The two leaders agreed that due to voters’ rebellion of ODM in South Rift, he should quit active politics and in turn appointed as a Cabinet Secretary if Raila Odinga becomes the fourth President of Kenya.
The two also agreed that he will be given the most powerful Cabinet portfolio for sacrificing his political career on behalf of the PM’s Presidential quest.
Bett currently chairs the ODM National Elections Board.

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