Kenyan man missing for 4 days

Victor Warui,18 years old, of Lowell, MA has been missing for 3 days, family and friends are very worried.Victor Warui was dropped off at 5 pm at Lowell Bus Station, he was supposed to take a bus to Lawrence, he had a class at Northern Essex at 6 pm.When it was time to pick victor up at the end of his class, his mother waited for more than 2 hours.
When his mom went inside to ask if he was there. Northern Essex said there were no students left inside the building , and nobody had any information.
Since then no one has had any communication with him
Anybody with any information
Please contact
Esther warui: 978-551-2236
Stephan Mwangi: 978-551-2237
Daniel Mugeche:978-677-1948
Please forward immediately

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