Amazing Video:Terrorists prayed as Westgate massacre took place

Terrorists who attacked the Westgate Mall last month took turns to pray in between their bloody mission, new footage shows.

Video clips seen by the Nation show one of the terrorists taking time off to pray as two of his accomplices stand guard inside what appears to be a store inside the Mall.

A separate clip shows five of the terrorists taking position inside a supermarket within the mall during the attack.

All five appear to be in their late teens or early twenties and of Somali origin. They are all heavily armed. In the 11-minute clip which is devoid of sound, the terrorists are seen pacing up and down, occasionally firing indiscriminately.

One of the terrorists, a lanky figure spotting a black knee length jacket and a pair of khaki trousers, is heavily bandaged on the lower left foot. He appears to be in charge of the operation.

The second terrorist, clad in a light blue shirt, a brown pair of khaki trousers and a rucksack bag, possibly carrying rounds of ammunition, is seen pacing up and down, occasionally taking cover behind the rows of shelves.

Another terrorist is clad in a pink shirt, a pair of navy blue jeans trousers and a black headscarf.

The fourth is wearing what appears to be a white long sleeve shirt, un-buttoned to the stomach, a pair of jungle trousers and a black headscarf.

The fifth terrorist is much shorter than his four accomplices and is clad in a black overcoat and jungle shorts. He too is heavily armed.


Though only five attackers were captured on CCTV, investigations have revealed that other attackers played peripheral roles before disappearing into the masses.

Detectives on Tuesday told the Nation that four bodies were taken from the mall to the Forces Memorial Hospital where some samples were collected and taken to the US for tests, including DNA testing.

The number so far arrested has also remained unclear. However, it is believed that over 100 people have been arrested and questioned. The police chief yesterday declined to

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