First Ever Miraa Party Happening Next Weekend


Nairobi’s first ever Miraa Party will be happening this weekend, November 30th at the Tamasha, Lang’ata Road, the sole  purpose of the event is to showcase the detail, intricacy and actual art of chewing miraa.

The party which is Organised by Sakijo International will be one of its kind and the first to happen in the country. It will be an  invite-only affair that aims to bring different miraa chewers hailing from different economic backgrounds together to share ideas and discuss the ‘plant’ . The miraa party seeks to bring together all the big names involved in miraa farming with an aim to to demystify myths that sorround the  art of miraa chewing.

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According to the Star,  the event will include  “podium demonstrations by our leaders and boardroom findings and conclusions”. Given that ideas are mostly exchanged during talks while chewing ‘khat’, during the party the attendees will get to discuss resolutions on the current controversies that sorround the Miraa industry.

Now you see why this will be a party of its kind, because other than having a good time it’s going to be a good time to discuss the way forward for the Khat industry and a chance for people to be educated on things that they did not know. So now you know!

Miraa Party

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