Is Justice our shield and defender when the voice of the voiceless is ignored?


I love our national anthem. Its words are so deep that I am always left to wonder if we really know what it means.

We say, Justice be our shield and defender? It is not close to that. Money and power is our biggest defender. If you lack it, forget it! But this must change!

This is just one of the verses, and you will agree with me, that we don’t live to the words of our national anthem. And if it is not acted upon by our leaders, then emphasizing on it becomes fruitless.

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Nothing can change the fact that I am Kenyan, and regardless of how poor our systems are managed or how bad our image is displayed, I am always Kenyan, and believe we can always have a better future if we choose to work on it.

The youth, are the nation builders of tomorrow, and how they prepare now really matters; and there is nothing as great as investing in their future.

The government awards scholarship to students, and this is always a dream come true to many (if not all). However, the probability that the government sticks to its promises is minimal. Which should not be.

Sticking to the national anthem, we stand for building our nation together.  We cannot do that when the voice of the voiceless is ignored. We cannot do that when there is no one to stand up and defend the innocent. Someone has to always do something for change to take place. And that someone is you and I.

Do not keep quite when you are sure something better can be done, Go for it! Be the change initiator. It might not benefit you, but trust me, someone in the future will be happy you did. And the world will be better because you lived.


Let us join the Kenyan Scholarship students in Ukraine(Find their story here ;  sign the petition for action to be taken by the government, and help them realize their dreams. This will not only make their lives better, but the future of our bright children will be secure, because they will not be given less than they deserve.

Let us build the Kenyan spirit, We are one!

By Elizabeth Ekakoro/Diaspora Messenger contributor


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