Sunday, April 14, 2024

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Audacious Move: Ruto’s Gov’t targets Ksh1 billion daily revenue

In an audacious financial move, President William Ruto's administration has set a daily revenue target of Ksh1 billion through its eCitizen platform, as part...

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Isaac Muthee Heartbreaking Story: Wife Abandoned Him Over Bride Price

In a heartbreaking tale that uncovers the dark reality behind traditional customs, Isaac Muthee shares his painful journey of betrayal at the hands of...

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Arrest: Major Drug Bust in Mombasa, Capital of Drug Trafficking

Drug trafficking has long been a simmering issue in this East African coastal city Mombasa, but the latest drug arrest has unveiled the extent...

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From Meru to Louisville, Kentucky: Inspiring Story of David Kiogora

In the heart of rural Kenya, in Meru County,  David Kiogora, a brilliant young man dared to dream beyond the confines of his Ng’onyi...
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In this week's blog post, I discuss the meaning of humbling ourselves before God. Some of us were taught to believe that humbling ourselves...

Humility in Relationships: Putting God First

Relationships are the perfect testing ground for us to learn and grow. We can truly learn about ourselves based on how we respond to...

The Power Of Humility: Humility Is A Posture Of The Mind

When God called me to ministry, one of His most essential instructions was to remain humble. He repeatedly emphasized this as He continued

Answering the Call: Lessons from Nehemiah on Responding to God

Whenever you begin a task for the Lord, the enemy will likely attempt to obstruct it. One of his most prevalent tactics is discouraging:

Positive Thoughts

Higher standards for Self, Reasonable expectations of others

Higher standards for Self, Reasonable expectations of others: Have you ever gone to a prestigious facility only to leave feeling let down by the quality of their service? Or perhaps you trusted


Humphrey Mairura’s Success Story of Building a Successful Career in America

Stepping onto American soil was like entering a whole new universe for Humphrey Mairura. As a Kenyan student at the University of Alabama in...

Living My American Dream at Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Lorna Muthengi's journey to her master’s in America is truly inspiring, showcasing resilience, determination

Thrilled to Own a Car During My Second Semester at GVSU- Joy Kinya

Joy Kinya from Meru County, Buuri Constituency just purchased her new ride in her second semester at Grand Valley State University where she’s pursuing...

Antony Kigen’s Remarkable Path to an MSc in Data Science at GVSU

As Antony Kigen sits by the tranquil banks of the Grand River in Grand Rapids, Michigan, he can’t help but reflect on the incredible journey

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Invitation To KCFA Baltimore Annual Family Fun Day 2024

Summer is fast approaching, bringing with it opportunities for great outdoor activities. The KCFA Baltimore Annual Family Fun Day is definitely one to mark...

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