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Ruto Snub: US House Speaker Accused of Disrespecting Africa

Lawmakers from President Joe Biden's Democratic Party on Friday accused House Speaker Mike Johnson of disrespecting Africa after he did not invite Kenyan President...

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The Multi-Billion Royal Jet Ruto hired for Historic US State visit

President Ruto and his delegation are traveling in a luxurious Boeing Business Jet B737-77W chartered from RoyalJet, offering state-of-the-art amenities. He is set to arrive...

Diaspora News

Diaspora Professor ask Ruto to Clarify Relationship with Gachagua

A Kenyan Diaspora Professor, Peter Ndiang’ui has stirred up a storm of controversy by calling on President Ruto to shed light on his Relationship...
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Willful Sin, Ignorant Sin: We can be delivered from the Power of Sin

In the intricate dance of morality, our missteps come in different cadences: the intentional and the uninformed. When we talk about sinning with full...

Do It Anyway: Whether They Applaud, Criticize, Cheer or Jeer

Life is a never-ending cycle of aspirations and goals. A young person with big dreams wants to grow up and become a professional, a...

Humility Is Recognizing Our Dependence On God Part 3

In today's highly valued individualism, it may seem paradoxical to associate submission with humility. However, when it comes to our relationship with God, the...


In this week's blog post, I discuss the meaning of humbling ourselves before God. Some of us were taught to believe that humbling ourselves...


The Ultimate African Airline: Kenya Airways vs Ethiopian Airlines

When it comes to air travel in Africa, two major players dominate the scene: Kenya Airways and Ethiopian Airlines. Both are renowned for their...


Kenyan Graduate Overcomes Visa Denial, Achieve US Study Dream

Byron Opande, a Kenyan graduate with a Master of Science in Operations Management from South Dakota State University, proudly shares his journey of overcoming...

Joseph Ngunjiri’s IUP graduate assistantship: Valuable opportunity

Joseph Ngunjiri, a Kenyan student pursuing an MSc in Supply Chain Management at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, shares his accomplishment of securing a prestigious...

GVSU’s Graduation Celebration: Spotlight on Kenyan Graduates

Amidst the buzz of anticipation and the air thick with excitement, Grand Valley State University recently hosted its much-awaited graduation event. For the students,...

Anne Mutabari’s Graduation from Grand Valley State University

Anne Mutabari, a Kenyan MS Cybersecurity graduate at Grand Valley State University, acknowledges the wealth of networks and opportunities she has gained, which will...

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20th anniversary invitation: dinner with christina shusho in baltimore

Join us for an unforgettable celebration during our three days conference as Faith and Grace Worship Center proudly commemorates its 20th anniversary in Baltimore!...

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