Inviting all to my Kenyan Drinking Party: Changaa, Tusker and Kumi Kumi!


This is humor and just for laugh.Not advocating that drinking is good for anybody.

Forget that women in Kiambu County, Kenya are having problem reproducing. Forget that people are getting blind after drinking the Kenyan “whisky”. The party must go on. The human race operates on the basis of the popular no matter how dangerous it is. Therefore, please let us get together and drink this stuff. I know there are Kenyans somewhere in my neighborhood who know how to make this brew! Who cares if it kills! My friend Migs is hosting the party.

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The United States tried to outlaw the thirst quencher to no avail. The famous Al Capone became rich and famous for promoting the illicit sale of magendo whisky. People have to drink! The government found a legal way to justify bringing it back. Now they complain that alcohol causes death! What? We should find a way to justify these deaths. We should ignore the statistics and sell it. That is what Colorado has done with Bhangi. They legalized it using a majority vote saying the economy would be great! Now some are complaining that children are selling it in school! Really? Who cares about children? They can pass the law allowing children to sell it. This will help their family’s bottom line.

Who cares about morality and GOOD? Whatever majority votes for is right. Right? If polygamy will guarantee that women rights are protected, then change the law. Provided the United States agrees. Remember in the American South, the majority needed slavery justified. Therefore, they went to court and wrote laws consistent with the need. Hitler’s hatred for the Jews saw his followers submitting to his decrees! If the majority agrees, all of us should just go along. Right?

I need to get along with people. I am tired of going to celebrations and every one drinks wine but me! I try to explain that my blood flows with water from the springs in Kijabe. They scorn! Therefore my friend Migs is hosting my party. He is inviting you to join me for my ‘circumcision’ party! I will ignore every logic, reason, and agree with international law that says it is good to drink alcohol in moderation. In fact I will apply Colorado law and smoke the joint! I really want to experience mental absurdity! I want to sleep in the ditch, drunk! What about my Christian convictions? Oh that, Jesus changed water into wine! Remember? I will come out!
Remember also that the Anti-Christ will be popular. He will have many followers!

My friend’s address is, 238,900 Moonwalker Avenue. House number 66.6Million Miles, Mars! Pick me up in Moscow; I need to carry some Russian Vodka! Also my friends at NASA scrapped the shuttle program therefore we might need to hitch a ride! All this to forget my yesterday. Forget it? It is not worth the ride! You take the ride. Tell me about it tomorrow, if you will remember. Me, I will stick to spring water. Cheers!

Teddy Njoroge Kamau (PhD). HTBluff Associates

This is humor and just for laugh.Not advocating that drinking is good for anybody.

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