ChaseYour Dreams:The story of Sidney Kipruto Koech,


There’s no story that is better than someone else’s, neither is there a winning story (Click To Tweet). However, there is a story that makes you want to be a part of it because it’s inspiring, exudes passion and portrays potential. This is the story of one Sidney Kipruto Koech, a student at Moi University, Faculty of Law.

“It was after joining campus some four years ago, that I had to come to terms with the harsh reality of having to survive with little or even no upkeep money from my parents. I am parallel student and my parents are not that well off . Besides that, I still had other siblings who had to be catered for. I knew i had to venture into any business (legal) activity to suplement whatever small they gave me.

My dream started with a 2 KG wheat flour and some cooking oil. Yes, I started making maandazi’s in my hostel room and selling them to my comrades. Alas! Despite the mockery from others, I was now able to fend for myself and even save some cash everyday. I knew great empires started from simple savings. Now, I am in fourth year and the harsh reality of tarmacking for a job is beckoning again. However, I have measures in place to cushion me from that. With the idea that the mandazi venture is soon coming to end, I now have the dream of opening a gaming place just here in Eldoret.

The idea is viable since it has not been exploited yet in this town. I have already acquired a 32” TV plus all the required licences from local authories. These, I did with purely my 3 yrs savings. I recently got a room in town to set up the business. Through this venture, a play-station game will be running for 10mins and the players will be charged KES 20 a game. In an hour, a total of 6 games will have been played. Thus totaling to KES 120 profit. If I work for 8 hours per day, I will be making KES 960. In a month, I’ll be earning a whooping KES 28,800.

I’ll then be saving with my dream bank (Chase Bank) to ensure I increase the number of TV’s thus more profits. That will of course be good money to kick-start my life and stop decrying the government for lack of jobs, I’ll be helping it create jobs should the venture expand thus alleviate poverty.

If I get the KES 10,000  from you today, I will purchase a PS2 gadget which retails at KES 6,000 at Naivas supermarket, Eldoret. The remainder will be used to furnish the room and buy two plastic chairs. Then start working next month.”

Sidney Kipruto Koech, was the first beneficiary of KES10,000 to boost his dream. This reward, was accompanied by an SME business tune up capital solution as well as mentorship from ourSME Banking. His #ChaseYourDreams story showed us that we have to work hard and be focused on our dreams irrespective of the situation we’re faced with. For the others that took part in this challenge, don’t let your dream fade. Say it out loud, keep at it and you will achieve it (Click To Tweet).

SME Banking Boosts Business in #ChaseYourDreams

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