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Immigration scumEach and every illegal immigration in the United States is waiting anxiously with bated breath for the highly anticipated Executive Order by President Barack Obama.

Despite the shellacking by Republicans in the just concluded mid-term elections President Obama has vowed to go on with the anticipated Executive Order on Immigration.

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Anytime such a move is anticipated unscrupulous immigration practitioners take advantage of fleecing, gullible and vulnerable illegal immigrants with promise of representing them. Most of the time they ask for a relatively low legal fee or consultation fee to entice the desperate and unsuspecting illegal immigrants. They dupe the immigrants that they have an advance knowledge of what is in the executive order even before the executive order has been announced! For example, some practitioners may charge fees for the preparation an affidavit stating that the illegal immigrant has been in the United States since December 2011. Question: Do majority of Kenyans need this affidavit? What the unscrupulous immigration practitioners do not know about Kenyan is that the vast majority of Kenyans enter the United States with a valid visa, are inspected and admitted and issued an I-94. With the proof of such documents, the Kenyans will therefore not need to pay for an affidavit to be prepared to show the very same thing that they are capable of showing with documents issued by the United States Government!

BEWARE! Immigrants have lost a lot of money during such vulnerable times and are bound to lose money during this time if they are not careful. No one should be scammed or cheated off their hard earned money in the pretense that they are making advance arrangements to be represented by a particular attorney or immigration practitioner.

Kindly note that you can be scammed by someone you know or have even used before. The scammers are not anonymous or new people in the field. They are often people you know and people you have heard of. Do not let your desperation blind you. Be very cautious.

Advice to all illegal immigrants: Immigration reform through an executive order is currently a speculation, but highly likely anytime in the very near future. It will possibly pass before the end of the year. Once the executive order is passed by the President, you will get knowledge of it. Please continue to guard your hard earned dollars instead of enriching those practitioners alleging that they have advance knowledge or inside information of the anticipated executive order. Please inform all your fellow Kenyans to ensure we do not continue to fall in the same trap.


Very truly yours,

By Diaspora Messenger contributor and a cautious Kenyan eagerly awaiting the makaratasi by Obama.

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