Powerful Video:Myles Munroe last words-‘I Am Ready To Die’


“I am ready to die… I wanna die because there is nothing else to keep me alive.” Those were some of the words of prominent motivational speaker and media personality Dr Myles Munroe in what many are saying was a premonition of his own death.

The best selling author was in Kenya three weeks for speaking engagements and he did an extensive media tour and he met Jeff Koinange where he uttered those words that many will take to be his final words of encouragement.

“The wealthiest spot on earth is actually the cemetery… the graveyard if filled with music we never heard, paintings we’ve never seen, poetry never read, businesses that never opened, great powerful women who died as prostitutes… I want you to die empty, that’s the goal of life. Don’t die old, die empty. “Die like I am ready to die, empty.”

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The good doctor wasn’t necessarily looking forward to his death as he talked about ambition and the fact that he could come to Kenya many more times and even probably start a studio together with Koinange.

Monroe died Sunday afternoon in the Bahamas after the plane he was traveling in crashed killing him, his wife and several other people.

According to police, the Cessna aircraft was en route to Freeport from Bimini with nine people reportedly on board.

The Department of Civil Aviation said the Learjet 36 crashed at 5:10 p.m. ET while making a landing approach at Grand Bahama International Airport. Burrows said a small number of other people were on board the plane, along with two pilots, none of whom were immediately identified.

Munroe, 60, was an internationally known Christian preacher and motivational speaker and wrote or co-wrote more than 100 inspirational and motivational books, many of which were best-sellers in the Caribbean and Africa.


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