Kenyan family in Dallas seeks financial help to secure kin’s release from immigration detention


Njeri_WaithakaA Kenyan family in Dallas is seeking assistance in securing the release of their kin who is held bu the Unites States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Njeri Waithaka’s is being detained by immigration authorities and family & friends are raising money to assist in her release from an immigration detention center. The funds will also go towards her legal fees.

The family is asking the community to kindly assist with your donations and prayers which will be highly appreciated. They hope to meet their target of $8,000.

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A fundraising link has been set up where you can make your donation. To donate, please visit..

There will be a fundraiser on Saturday January 31, 2014 to assist in the cause. The address of the fundraiser is 9670 Forest Ln # 1052 Dallas Tx 75243

For further information, you can contact Sam Maish at 469 264 4833


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