Importance of A Will:Public awareness of Unclaimed Property Assets in Kenya

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last_will_and_testamentYou lived comfortably when he was present, went on shopping sprees and had more than enough to take the kids to school and still go on holiday. Now that he is deceased it seems nearly like a dream. You cannot fathom where, if there were any,the assets of your endowed spouse/relative.
This is a tale we hear far too often at UPAR (Unclaimed Property Assets Register (K) Ltd). The tale of well to do men and women not writing wills and dying intestate, leaving their dependents with nothing but broken dreams. You can change all this by simply writing a will but if you are already victim to it, we can help. It’s never too late.
For more information, please like our Unclaimed Property Assets Register – K Limited page.

Name: Patrick Mugai for UPAR Kenya

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  1. N Mwara says

    Please let me know if you would have any further information on this subject that you may wish to share with me.

    Kindest regards.

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