Kenya Drama:Linus Kaikai vs Robert Alai-Nairobi Aviation Reignites Old Beef


If I had a chance to make just one request to Kenya, I would stress the importance of slowing down. For a small country of 40 million people, such amount of drama is unhealthy.

Even before we’re done with Langata land grabbing, Keter insults some weighbridge officials. A few days later, Kathy Kiuna allegedly bans poor people from her church.

Now this week we move our focus to Nairobi Aviation College.

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Dennis Okari last night exposed the evils going on there, but the real battle was on Twitter.

Among those opposed to Okari’s decision to focus only on one college was Robert Alai. He alleged that money had changed hands so that Nairobi Aviation could be fixed.

Obviously disgusted by Alai’s assertions, NTV acting broadcasting MD Linus Kaikai reminded the blogger of a phone call he had made to him hoping to block the airing of the exposé. He insinuated that Alai had been paid by Nairobi Aviation to paint NTV in a bad light.

Alai denied that.

Typical of the blogger, he did not stop there.

From a neutral observer, it is curious to note how Alai had a list of Nairobi Aviation alumni in such quick notice, and a lengthy blog post castigating NTV published on Kahawa Tungubarely 10 minutes after the exposé was aired. Plus a copy of the court order NTV ignored.

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