Kenyans in California frustrated by cancellation of Uhuru’s visit to LA


President UhuruThe cancellation of a scheduled visit yesterday to los Angeles from president Uhuru Kenyatta has drawn frustration among California residents.
President Uhuru was scheduled today to speak at Hilton hotel Los Angeles airport at 5711 W century Blvd, Los Angeles, CA.,Where the event was coordinated by Kenya consulate Los Angeles.
While Kenya consulate noted in sent emails to all who had registered online to attend the Kenya town hall meeting that it would have gladly coordinated the first visit to Kenyan sitting president in west coast of united states, “we regret to inform you due to unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances, his Excellency president Kenyatta wil not attend the above mentioned event as earlier announced “.
The cancellation was also downplayed by someone of security experts and media houses who claimed someone must have slept on his job.though president’s spokesperson Manoah Esipisu said earlier, “the plane didn’t not make it to Dubai following reports of increased military activity in Yemen, there was a challenge on routing leading to a decision to turn back “.
President was planned to visit to the Us for annual milken institute global conference in los Angeles.
The reaction from California residents was that they were very upset about it, obviously, “we feel like it was very political ” Janet Wairimu Ikumu of San Francisco noted.

By Sam Mwangi

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