Rare Disorder:Should We Feel Sorry For Them?


On 2-3 May 2015, 2 amazing men I have big respect for joined a group of power speakers in Stuttgart, Germany.
Nick Vujicic and Les Brown were in a city near me and what a blessing it was to see them LIVE.
Wondering who these “amazing men” are? Then tune in and hear why having no legs and arms, being abandoned, then adopted, labeled retarted or having cancer shouldn´t be an excuse. These two men are not looking for pity…
Life happens to all of of us. Whats new? But these two men prove its not WHAT happens to you that matters, but WHAT you decide to do with the lemons life deals you. Thats what makes the difference.
Yes life may have dealt you lousy cards, but like Nick and Les, you could bless others with the lemonade you make out of the lemons life hands you.

A pity party and victim mentality will bless no one. They will only rob you of your destiny. See you are either executing or making excuses.

Tune and be inspired to hit the reset button on your God-given goals and dreams with 3 simple steps:

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