miguna_0Twitter users went ham on aspiring Nairobi governor Miguna Miguna after he tweeted that he would make the city first class and not a concoction of Sheng and other funny languages.

Miguna, who has declared his interest in the gubernatorial race on an independent ticket, attracted criticism from Nairobians on Twitter who viciously defended the Sheng language.

The language which is coined from different languages is widely used in Nairobi especially by young people.

Activist Boniface Mwangi told the aspirant:

If you want the Nairobi vote,respect the youth language,Sheng. In Nairobi poor hoods,they won’t be wowed by your fine “English”. Ask PLO! https://twitter.com/migunamiguna/status/778181610713866240 

Mwangi went ahead and provided Miguna with a case study of how former Chief Justice Dr Willy Mutunga has embraced the language so as to connect with the youth.

During his tenure at the helm of the Judiciary, Dr Mutunga occasionally tweeted in Sheng on matters law and order .

So popular is the Sheng language that it has a dictionary and a movement dubbed Sheng Nation whose vision is to advance the language and culture.

Users faulted Miguna for disregarding the language that is widely spoken in the city and one that resonates with the youth.

@bonifacemwangi @WMutunga @shengnation@MigunaMiguna Miguna is like most of our outgoing politicians. Completely out of touch with reality.

@bonifacemwangi @WMutunga @shengnation@MigunaMiguna We are comfortable with our sheng, this language has come from far. Even Obama likes

So @MigunaMiguna‘s ‘World Class’ city will come at the expense of culture? Take your values over —————> there.


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