Joho in deep trouble as DCI find critical evidence against him

Embattled Mombasa County governor Hassan Joho is under siege – The Mombasa governor was accused of forging his KCSE certificates – Joho,who nearly lost his life in a recent chaotic ODM rally in Migori will have to defend the ingenuity of his KCSE certificates in a court of law Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho is far from taking a sigh of relief after detectives introduced yet another sad twist into his many quandaries.

The governor who is fresh from thorough grilling over his alleged fake academic certificates has a case to answer, if word from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations are anything to go by. According to a highly placed source who hissed to, detectives from the DCI have collected enough compelling evidence to charge the embattled Mombasa governor.

Joho in deep trouble as the Directorate of Criminal Investigations find critical evidence to charge him

The source, attached to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) told that the investigating team led by Assistant Inspector General of Police Samuel Nyabengi has enough evidence to sustain a case against Joho in a court of law.

The team is said to have amassed ‘overwhelming evidence against the governor’ over incessant claims that he ‘cooked’, rather forged his Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) certificate. Hassan Joho has been under investigation after the Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) repudiated his results slip, terming it fake.

oho’s problems began when KNEC wrote to the DCI claiming that the 1992 KCSE result slip used by Joho to gain admission to the University of Nairobi was forged. The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has already presented its report to DCI boss Ndegwa Muhoro who is expected to forward it to the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP). This comes barely a week after Joho obtained orders to stop the DPP and the police from arresting, charging as well as prosecuting him.



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  1. LWK says

    Enough is enough. No one should have been allowed to have been victimized so he “almost lost his life” in Kenya in a political rally. Where is the government security? If the government cannot protect all candidates, no matter who they are, then this is a sham of a democracy. The ones who caused this to happen (or who were the perpetrators) in Migori should be the ones under investigation. Also, this governor may be a headliner (probably because he is a communicator) but if Kenya is a democratic nation, then leave this guy alone. If you keep this up you will have another Saba Saba and that means Shame Shame for killing seven when you have a one-party rules all system. Come on. This is not necessary in a democracy. Are you afraid this guy might make it? Obviously you are of you would not be persecuting him. Is this Russia or is this Kenya? Come on!

  2. LWK says

    Also, isn’t it a little obvious that the DCI is involved? I mean there should be rule of law but sometimes the law is bent by those in power but the same cannot be done by those who are not. So, this is not equal justice The greater crime is attacking someone so that he “almost lost his life.” How can that compare to the grades issue. He passed college didn’t he? Come on. This is egregious persecution of someone who isn’t like by the powers that be. I wouldn’t even vote for this guy’s party, but I believe in human rights because he is a human being and no one should have almost lost his life in a political rally. The Government has a duty to protect politicians and candidates in all political rallies. Someone is not doing their job, so maybe that should be the subject of an investigation. But then it would be the same department investigating, so it will never happen. This is an abuse of Human Rights and responsibility of Government. Where are your Human Rights lawyers in Kenya? Oh, that’s right, Kenya’s Human Rights lawyers get killed when they try to defend people in court, along with the person who they are defending and an innocent driver who happened to have them in his taxi. But Kenyans didn’t forget even if authorities did. Must Wananchi be must afraid to be involved in a political party other than the ruling party and have to fear retaliation from the very authorities who are supposed to be protecting them from harm. TIK! If you love Kenya, you will fix it so that these things are not what define Kenyan democracy, which is a pseudo-democracy if these kinds of behaviors are the norm. Love it or leave it means protecting citizens, politicians and candidates, and those visiting as well. No one in Kenya should lose their life in a political campaign or election. Make it so and Kenya will be considered a Great Nation. A Great Govt (that is responsible and fair even to opponents and those who rightfully criticize what is unfair and not right) is what the great people of Kenya deserve.

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