PHOTOS: Sad story as Nigerian billionaire buries his father in pure gold casket


While many are suffering: When you’re big, you are large! Nigerian billionaire Emeka Offor buried his father at All Saint Anglican Church, Irefi Oraifite, Anambra, Nigeria. The casket used in the burial is reportedly pure gold in and out.  See the photos below:

The oil magnate from Anambra buried his father Chief Bennett Offor in the most influential way ever! Describing how he had planned the burial to go earlier this week, the billionaire said:


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  1. The Truth says

    Gold is not that light for those who haven’t come across gold bars (Carried some for Fort Knox). O’wise those guys wouldn’t be able to move the casket even an inch, leave alone carry it!
    That’s just a coated casket. Cheap propaganda for the stupid masses.

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