Blow to Mudavadi as over 600 ANC members decamp to Jubilee Party

Musalia Mudavadi led Amani National Congress (ANC) has suffered a blow after over 600 party members in Navakholo, Kakamega ditched the party for Jubilee.

The members, mostly from Navakholo constituency, blamed ANC for lacking visionary leadership and development agenda.

Led by Navakholo branch secretary general Kennedy Ngao, the members said they have joined Jubilee for the interests of the people of Navakholo.

“We have had wide consultations and decided to join Jubilee because they have the interests of our people. ANC has poor leadership which is not ready to listen and serve the common citizens,” said Ngao while being received at the Jubilee office in Navakholo.

Mr Ngao accused ANC for conducting shambolic party primaries denying members a chance to pick their preferred candidates.

He noted that ANC did not conduct primaries in some areas only for candidates to buy the certificates.

“Members have no confidence in ANC, some members in the party are supporting Jubilee candidates and we do not want to be seen as hypocrites that is why we have decided to ditch ANC and fully support Jubilee,” he said.

Rita Kulova who served as ANC woman leader in the constituency blamed Mudavadi for failing to guide the party.

“ANC has no direction. When Mudavadi left presidency for Raila Odinga and accepted a seat that is not in the constitution that left the party headless,” said Ms Kulova.

She said they have moved to Jubilee because of its transparency and many projects seen in the constituency.

Jotham Wamae, Jubilee chairman Navakholo constituency said the party has received over 600 members from ANC to boost Jubilee popularity in the constituency.

“Jubilee has done a lot to our people. We have witnessed construction of roads, technical training institute and medical college which will benefit our people. I welcome the new members in our winning team,” said Wamae.

“This is a blow to ANC and its candidates in the constituency, our focus now is to get the MP seat.”k’];l[=98


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