Raila’s daughter Winnie will be the first Kenyan woman president – Mutahi Ngunyi


Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has ‘predicted’ that Opposition leader Raila Odinga’s daughter Winnie will be the first Luo and Kenyan woman president.

“She will become president after William Ruto. You can take that prediction to the BANK and use it as collateral to borrow a loan,” Ngunyi said via Twitter on Tuesday.

Ngunyi’s post was dismissed by his followers who termed it as a joke with others saying that he did not know what he was talking about.

“You are joking Mr Mutahi. It is us the youth who will decide,” @mutarak_e said.

@TNdege2 said: “The kind of weed you use is fantastic! But on this, your supplier did not meet the SLA on quality!”

“‏Professor, As an upcoming political analyst, I can’t take this assertion to the bank,” @ABDIRIZACKMAAL2 said.

@bemaina said: “Unless she first gets elected as a governor….we don’t know her.”

“Are you kidding me right now?? One need not be a political analyst to know this is a serious joke,” @doriswandia said.

@murumbaisoka said: “Now prof, I think you going crazy…I always agree with you but not on this.”

“Hahaha!!! Not possible,” @samrisah said.

Raila’s children are becoming politically assertive, vocal, and standing very visibly behind “Baba” in his protracted battle against President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Raila Junior, 39, and Winnie, 28, no longer are working in the comfort of remote boardrooms.

They are literally behind and beside Raila, even during risky political activities that have turned into clashes between police and NASA supporters.

On November 17, Winnie and Junior were caught in the crossfire and tear gas as the police battled NASA supporters.

This was when Raila was returning from the United States after a tour.

Winnie was in the bullet-proof car when the front windscreen was hit, reportedly by a bullet.

The question is: Are the two being groomed for politics? Are they driven by love for their father or passion for politics? Or both?

The two worked at the NASA presidential campaign secretariat during the August 2017 general election.

In a recent interview with The Nairobian, Winnie – named after ex-South African first lady Winnie Mandela, described herself as her father’s “bodyguard, briefcase carrier, travel companion or even driver, if need be.”


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