Return the Stolen Money.


Kenya is in trillions of Kenya shillings debt, it owes the Brentwood institutions and other Nations.  Who received the loans on behalf of Kenyans? What was done with the money? Where did all those loans go? Did the common Kenyan benefit from those Loans, and the billions of the Kenya shillings given to Kenya in form of Grants by the donor community? Over the years, Kenya has been receiving a lot of money in form of loans and grants from different corners of the World.  But unfortunately, all that money has not been reaching the Kenyan people, yet the common Kenyans have always been forced to pay back for the stolen Loans through their taxes.  That has been the reason why Kenyans have continued to live in abject poverty and suffering. A few months ago, the British Government revealed that it had identified a lot of money that had been stolen from the Kenya public coffers and banked in various Banks abroad, and pleaded with the Kenya Government, for permission to freeze all that money, so that it could be sent back to Kenya. The plea landed on deaf ears.
Billions of Kenya shillings were stolen by the Kenyan leaders, and the money is lying idle in the foreign Banks as Kenyans continue to suffer and die out of poverty. It has always been speculated that the money already stolen, would run Kenya for slightly more than ten years comfortably without borrowing any more money from elsewhere, if brought back home.
Unfortunately, the common Kenyan has for many years been forced to pay for those stolen loans which have become an unbearable burden. Heavy taxes are imposed on essential commodities in order that the loans can be repaid. Those who are earning less than one dollar a day in Kenya, are paying tax directly from their earnings through the “Pay As Your Earn” program. They are also forced to pay more money to the Kenya Government, through the tax imposed on the basic needs like food, clothing and other items, whose prizes have been raised so high, in order to meet the demands to repay the huge loans. It has been disappointing to see the same class of people who have been victims of corruption in Kenya, being forced to repay the Loans that were never used to develop the nation. When the common poor Kenyans question corruption which saw those loans disappear into the pockets of a few, those same Kenyan leaders who stole the loans, their relatives and their friends, who also benefited from the looted loans, always come out under fictitious names in the newspapers, to silence them.
Today Kenyans are suffering from the high inflation, which is as a result of the high taxes on essential commodities. The high taxes on those commodities are aimed at offsetting the loans which were received from the donor Nations, but were stolen immediately on arrival and stashed away into the Foreign banks abroad. It is time all Kenyans rise up and talk in one voice to demand that all the stolen public funds be returned to Kenya. The common Kenyan people cannot afford to continue to pay heavy taxes in order to pay back loans which are in the pockets of a few Kenyan leaders, their relatives and their friends. Kenyans will not accept to continue to suffer from inflation and high prizes on the basic commodities, in order to raise money to repay the loans that never reached them. All Kenyans whenever they are, should support the notion of freezing all the looted public funds from the Kenya public coffers, so that the money can be returned to Kenya. The stolen Money was the loan intended to reach the common Kenyan. The money therefore belongs to Kenyans and should be returned to the Kenyan people.

Isaac Newton Kinity
Former Secretary General
Kenya Civil Servants Union and Chairman
Kikimo Foundation for Corruption and Poverty Eradication.

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