It’s back to school for governors, MPs

Senators, governors and MPs will be sent to special classrooms to be trained on how to use public money wisely and to run government affairs under the new Constitution.

They will also be taught how to speak well in public and how to write reports.

Also to go through the training immediately after the next election will be Cabinet secretaries (ministers), principal secretaries (permanent secretaries) and elected county representatives.

The chief government trainer, Kenya Institute of Administration (KIA), has prepared details of the topics to be covered in the training.

Officials of commissions and independent office holders, members of county assemblies and county executive committees will also be required to take the training.

KIA director, Prof Margaret Kobia on Wednesday said: “We were asked to draw up the curriculum so that we are well prepared for the training.”

Early this year, President Kibaki announced the institute will be transformed into a School of Government and offer training to top government officials after the 2012 General Election.

A Bill to transform the institute and which is expected to put all government training institutions under one roof, has already been written.

Top officials will be taught the operations of government and how to communicate with the public.

They will also study the organisation of the new government, gender and cultural diversity and the provisions of the Constitution.

The government bosses will be taught through interactive lectures, and study visits to ministries, counties and other government agencies.

Of particular interest will be the question of gender inequality and the new officials will learn why it is important to employ women.

“The knowledge will form a basis for the development of strategies that address gender concerns with a view toward eliminating gender disparities for development,” the curriculum says.

Financial training is intended to ensure that money is used well, that the officials are accountable and are prepared to resist the temptations of corruption.

After the election, MPs will have a dual county and national roles. Their training is intended to give them skills in “visionary leadership” and enable them manage development


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