Miguna Miguna asks police for round-the-clock state security


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Miguna Miguna asks police for round-the-clock state security

Miguna Miguna asks police for round-the-clock state securityMiguna Miguna, the author of the controversial book, peeling back the mask has written to police commissioner for round the clock state security.

In a letter to Commissioner Mathew Iteere, Miguna claims his life is in danger following numerous threats from unknown people and a section of ODM members.

“Since launching my book, I have received several death threats and threats of serious bodily harm by short text messages and email transmissions from people I do not know,” said Miguna.

“One chilling threat stated that upon my return to Kenya next month, I will be “assassinated and my kidneys eaten,” he said.

“My family and I take these threats very seriously; this is my formal request for round-the-clock state security.”

In what he said was a pre-planned visit to Canada, Miguna left the country abruptly with his family members after the launch of his book on July 14.

What followed was the burning and burial of his effigy and coffin in a mock funeral in Nyando led by the area Member of Parliament Fred Outa.

In the letter to Iteere copied to National and International media, Miguna said despite failure by relevant government Authorities in apprehending and prosecuting the culprits as would be required in a country governed by the rule of law, he will return back home in August.

“Despite all the threats, the intimidations, the character assassinations and the daily gratuitous attacks in the media and the Internet, I shall return to Kenya on Thursday, August 16, 2012.”

“My flight is scheduled to land at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport at 20:15 hours.

I intend to continue with my chosen work of writing about and agitating for the respect for the rule of law, the upholding of the constitution (in letter and spirit), the respect for fundamental human rights, the expansion of the democratic space, the elimination of corruption, tribalism and nepotism (of all forms and shades) and the entrenchment and practice of good governance in Kenya.”

“In other words, I am fortified and fully committed in the quest for justice in Kenya,” he said.




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