Miguna was Broke and even Begged me for Money-Raila



Sunday July 29, 2012-Prime Minister Raila Odinga has broken his long silence on Miguna Miguna’s book, saying his former aide begged him for money after he was sacked from his office.

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Speaking to our journalists on Saturday, the Premier narrated how after Miguna’s sacking, Media Mogul Patrick Quarcoo pleaded with him to reinstate is former adviser on “humanitarian grounds”

“Quarcoo said that he (Mr Miguna) was in bad shape. That he needed to pay school fees. We agreed that he returns to work but he refused and started talking about writing a book, that is when NSIS and my competitors exploited him,” the PM said.

Raila said by that time, Mr Miguna was surviving on income from writing a weekly column in the star newspaper but Mr Quarcoo told him the money had become too little.

“It is telling that a man who came crying that he could not pay his children’s school fees now can afford a holiday in Canada,” Raila said.

Raila said the book had presented an opportunity for some of his opponents to cleanse themselves.

“You will notice that the language has changed about some of my opponents. Those who Miguna previously called demons are presented as angels in the book,”

The PM said the forces behind the book were same people, saying;

“Let us not dwell on the past because the past shows the dark era of political assassination, repression, ethnic discrimination, Goldenberg, Nyayo House torture chambers, suppression of media and the assassination of J.M.Kariuki and Pio Gama Pinto and Raila in Kamiti”


 Miguna was paid by NSIS to write a book- RAILA

Sunday July 29, 2012 – Prime Minister Raila Odinga has said the National Security Intelligence Service (NSIS) paid his former aide Miguna Miguna, to write a book in order to block him from ascending to the presidency.

The Premier said the spy agency and his political competitors had encouraged and funded Mr Miguna Miguna to write a book aimed at damaging his character with the sole aim of stopping his campaign for State House.

In a special interview with our journalists, Raila described the allegations in the book as cooked up, saying the primary objective was to assassinate his character.

“The book is sponsored by anti -reform forces, the NSIS and my opponents. It is just a campaign tool. That is why I have decided to give it a contempt card,” Raila said.

“It is the work of anti -reform forces. I have been associated with reforms and they know that if you target Raila then you will kill the reform dream,” he added.

Raila said the corruption claims made by Miguna Miguna were unlikely to injure his presidential dream. He said the book contained no material evidence linking him to any malfeasance except slander whose shelf lives is too short.

“Hit at my character, pull me down and kill the reform dream but I will still be the fourth president of Kenya,” he said.

Miguna’s book Peeling Back the Mask: A Quest for Justice in Kenya accuses the PM of corruption and nepotism, among other things. It paints the PM’s office as a den of corruption and a place where underhand deals are rampant and generally condoned. The Premier is also projected as an iron fisted man who favours his relatives for State jobs.

NSIS is headed by brigadier Michael Gichangi who is among President Kibaki most trusted advisers.









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