I am not detained in Canada-KIDUM


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Wednesday, October 03, 2012 – Burundi born musician Kidum through his band manager has disclaimed allegations that he is being detained in Canada following a row with organizers of his tour abroad. Earlier on reports indicated that the ‘haturudi nyuma’ hit maker was left stranded on Saturday after his passport and air ticket were confiscated by immigration officers.


Apparently the musician had just released a new album dubbed ‘kimbia’ and went on tour to the United States and Canada to popularize his music. His tour which has taken several months was to end last week.


Rumor had it that his tour promoters had disagreements on the share of proceeds made from the tour which led to immigration officers arresting him and confiscating his travel documents. Well you never know who is telling the truth, though where there is smoke there is definitely fire.


Kidum was expected in Kenya this week where he was to perform at the 38th edition of Blankets and Wines but according to his band manager he will forego the event and jet back on October 10.


In replacement of his expected performance is gospel artiste Juliani who will perform alongside Harry Kimani, Fena Gitu and Kombo. 


Source:The Kenyan DAILY POST




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