The late Lydiah Kimani (Mama Hellen) who away on Wednesday 26th September 2012 at Nottingham City Hospital, UK was laid to rest in Watford, UK on Thursday 18th October, 2012. The body was moved from Nottingham, to Watford for burial. Then the funeral service took place at , Watford Elim Church, St Albans Road, Watford followed by the burial at  North Watford Cemetery, North Western Avenue, Watford in the afternoon. A large number of Kenyans and friends attended the service with full support of Faith Evangelistic Ministry (FEM) team at the service. At the church, the sermon was delivered by Pastor Guy Miller of Elim Church. Pastor Guy theme at the service was about Forgiveness. He explained that if you dont forgive, God will not forgive you either. The burial took place in the afternoon. At the burial, Pastor Raphal, Pastor Tony King and Pastor Guy Miller conducted the service. Notably at the ceremony was Pastor Raphael who could not hold tears throughout the ceremony as he mourned his partner in the Ministry. The late Lydiah Kimani comes from Ngorika, Nakuru, Kenya.


Pastor Guy Miller of Elim Church (left) delivered the sermon in the church


Far left is the funeral directors loading the body of the late Lydiah Kimani into the after the church service and in the middle is North Watford Cemetery burial site from far and on right is friends of the late Lydiah covering the grave with soil with Pastor Gaitara in the middle.

Family and friends concluded with flowers on the grave and on right the only daughter of the late Lydiah Kimani  – Miss Hellen Kimani holds a flower ready to say good bye to her mum








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