ELECTRONIC VOTING:South Sudan did it, Senegal did it, why not Kenya?

Isaac Kinity

Senegal and South Sudan which are inferior to Kenya in terms of economic power, established numerous polling centers for their citizens living outside their home countries during their elections recently.

Look at the following links below.

1]  http://allafrica.com/stories/201202260204.html

2]   http://english.ahram.org.eg/NewsContent/2/8/3461/World/Region/South-Sudan-diaspora-votes-in-Kenya,-Uganda.aspx


There are one million Kenyans in USA alone and the Kenya Government has set up only 3 polling centers for  the three million kenyans to go to vote. Arithmetically each polling center will have to serve over 300,000 voters in one day. Will it be possible? Is it a sensible idea?

During the South Sudan resent elections, 8 polling centers were set  in  USA alone, for the 150,000 Sudanese people living in USA.

The USA is as large as the entire African Continent. With only three polling centers how will the  Kenyans who are scattered all over USA vote? No doubt some of the voters will be required to travel very long distances to vote, leave alone the expensive accommodation arrangements they will have to meet.   Unless the hidden agenda behind the setting up of only 3 polling centers for more than one million voters in USA,  is  to block most Kenyans in the Diaspora from voting, it is beyond any imagination that a whole Government can set 3 polling centers for 3 million voters, where each center will be forced to serve over 300,000  voters in just one day.

Thanks to the Kenya Diaspora Alliance [KDA], the organizations affiliated to it and the relentless efforts and sacrifice in terms of time and money, of the individuals Kenyans who have been in pursuit of justice for Kenyans in Diaspora through the Kenyan Court, led by Dr. Githua Kariuki, Dr. Shem Ochuotho, Mr. Robinson Gichuhi, Lady Mkawasi Ncharo,Mr. Heb Mosomi among others. Although the KDA lost its first round of its case in the Kenyan Court, there is hope it will win the case in the court of appeal.

I appeal to all Kenyans in the Diaspora and to all others back home to support  KDA morally and in prayers.  All that KDA has been doing is for the benefit of all Kenyans, both in Diaspora and at home in Kenya. I also appeal to the Kenya media and to the foreign media which have offices in Kenya, to cover the proceedings of this case  during the appeal period, because of its importance to Kenyans and to the Nation of Kenya. As many Kenyans as possible are required to vote in the next elections so that they can help in identifying  and hence voting for transparent leaders who can assist in eradicating the Kenya enemy number one “CORRUPTION”.

It is a very important case in the history of Kenya. Certainly If  Kenyans in the Diaspora  are provided with enough polling centers or if they are allowed to vote electronically, they will make such a great positive difference in the March 4th. elections which can lead to good Governance of the Nation of Kenya, void the rampant  corruption.

By Isaac Newton Kinity


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