Two Kenyans in the US are recipients of the 2012 Kenya National Award


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Two Kenyans based in the US have been awarded the 2012 Kenya National Award.

Mr. David Karangu, Atlanta (GA) and Mr. Erastus Mong’are, Newark (DE) were recipients of the “The Moran of the Order of the Burning Spear” and the Head of State Commendation, respectively.

The Kenyan envoy to the US, Elkanah Odembo congratulated the two Kenyans on winning the awards.

“Mr. Karangu and Mr. Mong’are have worked relentlessly to promote Kenya in the USA while at the same time, working with Kenyans both in the US and in Kenya
without any prejudice, for the development of the country.” read a congratulatory message on the Kenya Embassy website. ” We take a lot of pride in their achievement.”

The envoy said that while acknowledging that there are many other Kenyans who are working equally hard for the benefit of Kenya, he would all Kenyans in the US to keep up the good work.

He said that Kenyans residing in the country were ambassadors of Kenya and they should continue to advance the interests of Kenya in all circumstances.

He said his office is  always ready to support the endeavors of  Kenyans in the US, whenever necessary, to ensure that Kenya is recognized as a model of a thriving Diaspora population.

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