Video: Protestors hold mock funeral for MPs to Protest Legislators’ Conduct

Anyone who was at Uhuru Park this on Wednesday morning may have witnessed a mass funeral for up to 221 Members of Parliamen only that the service didn’t actually include the real MPs. Instead, it was a mock state-funeral held for the country’s MPs accompanied with all the finer details that make up a real funeral, from an orchestra, to 221 coffins! The arrangements were made by a group of Kenyans, including civil society and graffiti artists. Their aim was to make a mockery of the MP’s who recently demanded that they be given state funerals as part of their retirement benefits package a request that was eventually rejected by President Mwai Kibaki. The group’s message to Kenyans was: vote wisely come March the 4th, and rid the country of greedy parliamentarians. The group is set to march to Parliament after the mock funeral.

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