What’s in it for Me?: 5 Best Practices for Unlocking Your Employees’ Hidden Potential.

Did you ever wonder what you could do to improve your employees’ success within your team or company? In this easy-read book, you will gain insight into the five basic practices that matter to your employees and how implementing these can not only improve employee performance and retention but also impact your bottom line. These strategies are easy to implement and can be done right away with no associated costs. All it takes is sensitivity to the needs of your employees and a desire to effect change. Templates are provided as signposts along the way to help you start implementing these strategies.


“The book is very good, it is a very easy read, is current and practical to any manager of a team. The templates make for immediate application. The book contains a good summary on what a manager should remember to do when orienting a new member. Mainly because one can be so busy and ignore those critical early steps that help place a new employee in new footing.”
– Rhoda Gathoga, Research Director, Global Scripture Impact.

“In this book, Njanja has clearly articulated in very comprehensive terms, what every small and large business should know and do regarding human resource practices. From hiring to induction, training to team building, conflict resolution to succession planning, this book will teach you all those things you thought you knew and set your company up for success.
If you are looking to realign your company’s human resource practices and beyond, to invest in your workforce, to improve retention and ultimately your success as an organization, I highly recommend this book. This is a great read for every employer – an absolute must.”
-Joe Njoroge, B.A, M.S. Chief Operating Officer.

“Njanja, I wish I had your book before I hired an assistant. The chapter on determining whether or not you have a motivated employee is very eye-opening. The fact of the matter is, you are already at a disadvantage when you hire an unmotivated employee. However, in your book, you provide an excellent step by step guide to overcome some of the issues that one may run into from bad hiring practices, or reactive hiring. The information is applicable to any industry, and presented in an easy to read format. I feel confident that by implementing the practices laid out in “What’s in it for me”, my business and my employees are headed for success.

Roselee, CEO – Roselee’s Natural Hair Care Co.
Specializing in the health and elegance of natural hair!

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