DEVOTION:The Next Logical Thing To Do!


Solomon’s trip to Gibeon turned out to be a life changing experience. When he came back to Jerusalem, he was never the same person. And this is to be expected. God appeared to him and told him to ask anything he would like God to give him. His answer impressed God because it was unselfish request only meant to enable him to fulfill God’s assignment of leading the nation of Israel wisely.

We would be wise to observe what Solomon does when he gets back to Jerusalem.

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He returned to Jerusalem, stood before the ark of the Lord’s covenant and sacrificed burnt offerings and fellowship offerings. Then he gave a feast for all his court. 1 Kings 3:15

Notice the first thing Solomon did! He came and stood before the Ark of the Lord’s covenant. Then he offered two types of sacrifices to the Lord. Why this types? Here is a brief description of these sacrifices:

Burn offering which produced a pleasing aroma to the Lord was partly used as a worshipful response to the Lord. It was also used to cause God to respond to the prayers of the worshippers.

The fellowship offering which is also known as the peace offering and was offered as the last if other sacrifices were offered at the same time had two functions; First that the nation of Israel had an opportunity for an intimate relationship with God. Secondly, when this was offered, it meant that all was well between God and Man.

You can see why Solomon chose to offer these types of Sacrifices. He had been with the Lord. How close can that be? Offering the burn offering was indeed appropriate. He was that close to God. Solomon was saying, “I truly have an opportunity for intimacy with Our God.

That God appeared to Solomon signified all was well between Him and God. This is why he offered the fellowship/peace offering to God.


How do we respond to God when we have had an encounter with Him through a special visitation, an answered prayer, a miracle rescue on the road, etc?



  1. How did you respond to God the last time He came through for you? Did you take an offering to Him? Did you write a song to Him like David, Moses, and Miriam?
  2. The most logical and appropriate thing to do is to go before the Lord in worship with an offering.
  3. I have seen believers in our church who after God gave them a job; they brought the whole of their first check as a thanksgiving offering to God.
  4. Some believers have developed a habit that they cannot go to the house of God without an offering. This indicates a grateful heart and worshipful spirit. I believe this is a good practice. But this does not mean you cannot go to the house of the Lord if you do not have anything to give for an offering.
  5. What causes you to give God an offering?
    1. Are you excited when offering time is call for at a worship service?
    2. Do you come from home every Sunday looking forward to worshipping God through your offerings?
    3. Do you have a plan for giving? In other words, before you leave home, do you know what you are going to give to the Lord?
    4. Solomon was intentional and responsive to God’s encounter with him. He was quick and appropriate in what he gave to God.
    5. Can God count on your offering?


  1. Worship is a response to what God has done for us. We learned from Old Testament saints that you do not go before the Lord in worship empty-handed. How will you go to Church today?


Once you have experience an encounter with God,

You must respond to Him in Worship

It Is The Next Logical Thing To Do!

By Pastor Shadrack Ruto

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