Kenyan stranded in Austria:Embassy receiving abusive letters

The story of the Kenyan man stranded in Austria continue to attract public attention and many people are reacting in a bad way,according to K-Nel who was able to mediate between Mr.James Kamotho and the Kenyan Embassy in Austria.The Embassy has been receiving abusive letter particularly Mr.Onyango. Read K-Nel message below.

Hot Breaking News/Kenya-Austria Embassy; The Embassy called me yesterday and I had a dialogue with Mr Onyango. Now LET me give you The Highlights; The embassy has Been receiving letters with People abusing Them and in Particular Mr Onyango. Those letters have Been forwarded to me and I have analysed them! LET me be clear, James Kamotho case is being dealt with The right Way. Mr Onyango told me And I Quote “I have contacted The Human Rights Organisation. James Kamotho fingerprints are ready. Once I have Them, the flight Ticket, his Travel documents will be processed.”. The Embassy in Austria and The Embassy in The UK are in Touch too. I am in Touch with The Embassy who are providing me with 1st Hand information and I will Keep u updated. I promise you. Thank you very much

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