Video:Jubilee Coalition launches its Manifesto

The Jubilee Coalition Sunday unveiled its Manifesto at the Moi International Sports Centre Kasarani gymnasium as it sought to market   its policies ahead of next month’s general election.

The Manifesto spelt out transformative plans that the Jubilee government will implement from between 2013 when it takes over government to the year 2017 and beyond.

The coalition’s presidential candidate is Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta and his running mate is former Eldoret North MP William Ruto.

The main pillars of the Coalition Manifesto packaged as a long term  strategic plan for transforming Kenya are, Umoja (National Cohesion and  Unity);  Uchumi (Economic transformation) and Uwazi (Transparency and  accountability).

On the First Pillar of Umoja, the Coalition agenda will focus on Security – Keeping Kenya safe and secure, Trade and Foreign Affairs – A strong Kenya, more stable Africa.

Other aspects of Umoja are, Sports and Culture -Investing in the world’s best and creating a new economic frontier; Healthcare – Investing in a healthier Kenya and Preventive and Primary Health Care.

As part of Umoja the Coalition will also concentrate in raising the standards in the Education Sector to competitive standards, more comprehensive access and other strategies to be unveiled on the day.

The Second Pillar of the Coalition – Economic Transformation focuses on Growth and Development – Building an enterprise economy; Economic Opportunities – Giving Kenyans a stake in the future;  Manufacturing and IT – Initiating an Industrial revolution; Tourism and Commerce-maximizing our potential and diversifying the tourism product and visitation  through more intense marketing.

Other aspects of this pillar include Land Reform – Towards a Property owning democracy, Energy – Power for all, Agriculture – A green revolution aided by irrigation and mechanized farming, Water – Massive Investment to guarantee Access to Clean and safe water.

Others include,  Food Security – Ensuring a hunger free nation through a network of creative investments:  Environment – opening up to new innovative and creative initiatives to protect and sustain the environment;  Transport – Unveiling a modern 21st century transport system and  Housing – Decent homes for all Kenyans.

The Third Pillar of the Coalition is Uwazi – Transparency and Accountability which will focus on stamping out all forms of Corruption through strategies to be unveiled and presented on the day, Good governance – drawing fresh relations with key groups and organization to keep the state in check and Devolution – unveiling new investments and handing true power to the people.

The Manifesto will not only lay out the plan and commitments by the Jubilee Coalition once it forms  the government, but will also lay out a Financing Charter on how the Coalition government  plans  to Finance each of the key pillars and  pledges in the Manifesto.


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