Video:Keep the peace, Mkenya Daima urges


NAIROBI Kenya, Mar 26 – The Mkenya Daima steering committee on Tuesday asked political leaders to continue preaching peace to their supporters ahead of the Supreme Court ruling on the election petition filed by Prime Minister Raila Odinga challenging the announcement of Uhuru Kenyatta as the winner of the March 4 polls.


Committee member Patrick Obath said peace was essential for continued development in the country.

“Our leaders pledged to promote peace before, during and after the elections. We would like them to uphold the promises they made to Kenyans. We cannot afford to erase the gains we’ve made in the last five years. Even as we allow the aggrieved parties to exercise their democratic rights we must remain cautious to avoid inflaming the passions of Kenyans,” said Obath.

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While addressing a press conference in Nairobi, the Mkenya Daima team lauded Kenyans for remaining patient and maintaining peace throughout the election period.

“Even as we exercise our democratic rights, we must uphold peace as this is the only way we can continue with our daily businesses and develop our beloved country,” Mkenya Daima chairman, Vimal Shah said.

Mkenya Daima initiative, which is spearheaded by the Kenya Private Sector Alliance aims at inspiring peace prior, during and after the General Election. They have asked all the political leaders including those at the county level, to preach peace to quell any tension among supporters, following increasing concern over the increasing negativity and hate speech being peddled on social media.

Shah hailed the new Constitution for providing legal avenues through which those dissatisfied with the election results can seek redress and all parties have accepted to agree to the outcome.

“As we await the outcome, it is important for Kenya to keep working. The economy needs to keep growing and people need to focus on the medium and long term once again,” Shah said.

He also urged Kenyans to concentrate on building the country.

“Let us continue building our nation and leave the Judiciary to do its work, we must see beyond politics to the growth of our economy,” Shah expressed.

Kenyans were asked to patiently wait for the ruling of the Supreme Court.

“Our overall goal is for peace to prevail as we await the ruling of the Supreme Court and the other petition processes. We must emerge from the electoral period as one strong and cohesive nation,” said Mkenya Daima Steering Committee member Carole Kariuki.

Kariuki further added that they had noted there were politicians and civilians who were continuing to make statements that are considered sensitive which they urged them to desist from doing.

The verdict of the Supreme Court is set to be issued on Saturday.

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