Decomposing body of Kenyan lady found in her home in Cologne, Germany


Kenyan woman said to be dead for almost three weeks has been found in her home in Cologne, Germany.

The lady has been identified as Jennifer Naseria Kamwano and is from Narok. She was born on September 29, 1973.

{Update: Her mother’s name is Regina and her father’s name is  Hassan Malipe.}

Ms Kamwano also known as Jenny Maasai to Kenyans in Cologne was found after neigbours detected a strong smell coming from her apartment building.

The neigbours called police who traced the smell to her apartment and broke into it to gain access. They found her badly decomposed body and it was determined that she may have been dead for almost three weeks.

According to a Kenyan man in Germany, Nelson Muriuki who spoke on the phone, nobody has been able to trace her next of kin and the authorities in Cologne could dispose of her body by cremation if nobody came forward.

Muriuki had spent some time spreading the news on Facebook asking for anyone who might be able to provide information as to her next of kin to come forward.

As at early Wednesday morning, no next of kin had been identified.

Kenyans in Cologne describe Jenny as a lady of very few words and nothing much was known about her.

Suspicions have arisen that she became an alcoholic after suffering from a bout of depression.

Kenyans are urged to meet at Evans Bar at Eberplatz on Sunday 15.00 Uhr for prayers and for more information concerning the funeral.

The Kenyan Embassy in Berlin had been trying to request for a delay in the cremation as they try to find her next of kin.

If anyone has any further information regarding her next of kin, contact the Kenyan Embassy in Berlin at +49-30-259266-0 or +49-30-259266-11. The embassy also has anumber that is operational 24 hours a day. You can call +49-170-5653817


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