ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda denies false witnesses claims in Kenyan cases

International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutor Fatou Bensouda has denied claims that some witnesses have given false information in the two Kenyan cases.

Bensouda declined to comment on the issue of witnesses, especially top government officials stressing that she was not in a position to discuss the matter.

“Am not aware of any witness that has given false information to the ICC, am not aware,” she stated.

Some of the ICC witnesses have in the recent past backed out retracting their initial statements in cases against President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto.

Bensouda sought the assurance of the Kenyan Government of cooperation in the cases before the ICC.

In an exclusive interview with the Standard in Geneva, Switzerland she stressed the importance of full co-operation to dispense justice to the Kenyan people.

The Prosecutor who spoke after giving a lecture on ICC at Geneva University maintained that the Government’s co-operation will aid in determining the case.

She said that if the Kenyan government fails to co-operate, they will have no option but to seek direction from the Chamber.

“I have been very clear all the time about this matter. I have stated that what we want is the full and unwavering co-operation of the Kenyan Government,” she stressed.

She continued, “in the event that this doesn’t happen, will have no option but to bring the matter to the attention of the Chamber for direction.”

Bensouda reiterated that the Kenyan case will be treated just like any other before the court.

“There will be no favours, Kenyan are seeking justice,” affirmed Bensouda.

President Uhuru, Ruto and former Kass Radio presenter Joshua Arap Sang are facing criminal charges at the ICC in The Hague.

 However the Chief Prosecuted guaranteed Kenyans that they will ensure the victims get justice.

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